Character media is an applied media company that specialises in high quality content creation to meet the publicity needs of businesses all over the country. Everybody has a story and everyone is trying to tell a story about themselves but we specialise in creating a visual expression of your story as a business & organization that your clients and potential customers can relate with.

Social Media Management

By handling the management of your Social Media platforms, We create content that day by day tells the stories of your business based on a narrative the client will see as familiar to their personal experience- A story of Small Beginnings, Perseverance, a story of Trust, a story of Good Service Delivery and good Customer Relations as well as Testimonials of your business.

Customer Experience

There’s a difference between watching a movies by yourself in your living room and seeing it in the cinema; its the experience that’s different and its what people are willing to pay more for. Our job is to build video content that gives the existing and potential clients the longing for their next contact with your product and service.

Ebere- script and copy writer

Ebere- Script/Copy Writer

She is a very talented writer. She write scripts for films, audio voice overs, online content and social media copies all to adequately project our client’s brand.

building video content for your business

L.J Slim- Director of Photography

In charge of anything videography for clients. Shooting films, documentaries, events and short advert videos.

Dami- illustrator

Dami is a very skilled illustrator- she makes texts & ideas turn into real life characters. No matter how hard your idea is to explain, Dami will sure give you a digital illustration. 

Character illustration in nigeria
character media company- Music director and sound engineer

Joe Keys- Music Director

Every good video is made real by the music and sounds used in them. Whether your short films/movies or for your adverts, Joe is our in-house composer, giving you music that properly represents your brand either on TV, Radio or Online.


Presence in four locations in Nigeria Lagos, Calabar, Uyo, Ph City, Abuja and a network of partners all over the country.

  • +234 705 299 8393
  • The best way to reach us is by email or DM on social media, the phones don’t always work
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